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The Life Of The Brandls

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August 2004

Rauhenstein: On a sunny day during our holidays we visited the ruins of Rauhenstein at Baden, near Vienna
rauhenstein1.jpg (97163 Byte) rauhenstein3.jpg (123469 Byte) rauhenstein2.jpg (144643 Byte)

September 2004

Eggenburg Mittelalterfest (medieval times festival): During one weekend in September the whole town of Eggenburg changes into an old medieval times town. There are wooden "town walls" where you have to pay to enter the town. On the marketplace and on several other places are crowds of medieval dressed people, simulating the times of old.
Next year we will be dressed too ...
eggenburg1.jpg (134977 Byte) eggenburg9.jpg (108337 Byte) eggenburg3.jpg (65684 Byte) eggenburg4.jpg (107752 Byte) eggenburg5.jpg (106789 Byte)
eggenburg6.jpg (80534 Byte) eggenburg2.jpg (125784 Byte) eggenburg8.jpg (91640 Byte) eggenburg7.jpg (96846 Byte)
Riegersburg: Once every year there is a very large fleamarket in Graz. We have been there and on the way back home we had a stop at the Riegersburg. A very large castle in splendid condition ...
riegersburg5.jpg (81839 Byte) riegersburg2.jpg (95285 Byte) riegersburg4.jpg (107926 Byte)
riegersburg6.jpg (110402 Byte) riegersburg7.jpg (92598 Byte) riegersburg1.jpg (90513 Byte) riegersburg3.jpg (108316 Byte)
Harry Potter Festival: Teresa organized a Harry Potter Festival at our gardenhouse for her "little" sister Annabel.
Our house has been Hogwards, in our garden was the candyshop of Honeydukes, we had a Quidditch playfield and much more.
This festival was from 2 pm until 9 pm and the boys and girls had lessons in several (dark) arts ...
harrypotter10.jpg (105838 Byte)
Terry organizing ...
harrypotter01.jpg (120902 Byte)
at school
harrypotter13.jpg (77938 Byte)
Dobbie, the house elf
harrypotter02.jpg (138005 Byte)
Hagrid with the
invisible dog
harrypotter03.jpg (94385 Byte)
the book of monsters
harrypotter04.jpg (130017 Byte)
Honey Dukes
harrypotter05.jpg (84579 Byte)
from man to wolf
harrypotter06.jpg (76508 Byte)
harrypotter07.jpg (79087 Byte)
harrypotter15.jpg (86655 Byte)
to see the future
harrypotter08.jpg (125281 Byte)
harrypotter14.jpg (121425 Byte)
other potions
harrypotter09.jpg (111155 Byte)
harrypotter11.jpg (132094 Byte)
harrypotter12.jpg (99218 Byte)
harrypotter16.jpg (92999 Byte)
several books

October 2004

AFOLday Legoland Günzburg: I had an invitation from LEGO to visit the Legoland Günzburg, Germany, on a special day, the AFOLday (Adult Friend Of Lego). There we got free entry to the park and had acces to areas usually closed to the public.
afol05.jpg (59697 Byte)
Legoland Günzburg
afol01.jpg (134815 Byte)
full of technic inside
afol10.jpg (114133 Byte)
distribution unit
afol02.jpg (49337 Byte)
plan of the airport
afol03.jpg (81468 Byte)
airplane to repair
afol08.jpg (43776 Byte)
steam traction model
afol04.jpg (98040 Byte)
afol06.jpg (70795 Byte) afol09.jpg (81481 Byte)
model shop
afol07.jpg (43164 Byte)
robots especially from Legoland Windsor - if you ever be there please take one for me!
Salzburg: On my journey back from Legoland Günzburg I made a short stop at Salzburg. Just a walk through the old town centre and up to the castle.
salzburg01.jpg (49373 Byte)
Hohenfeste Salzburg
salzburg02.jpg (94796 Byte)
up, up, up ...
salzburg03.jpg (75648 Byte)
a look from the back of the castle
salzburg04.jpg (87222 Byte)
a look to the front, the old town centre
salzburg05.jpg (68999 Byte)
salzburg06.jpg (111569 Byte)
castle yard
salzburg07.jpg (97781 Byte)
castle towers
salzburg08.jpg (81423 Byte)
festival ground
salzburg09.jpg (101359 Byte)
a tree, what else?
salzburg10.jpg (158040 Byte)
old cemetery
Cinema and ScienceFiction Trade Fair: The organizer of this trade fair asked if we (the friends of StarWars in Vienna) would visit his fair in StarWars costumes. Why not? And so there have been stormtroopers, imperial officer, Tusken Raider, rebel troops, Jedi and much more on this fair ...
comix1.jpg (46700 Byte)
imperial forces
comix2.jpg (61888 Byte)
Terry as Boushh
comix3.jpg (62158 Byte)
imperial vs rebel
comix4.jpg (60978 Byte)
comix5.jpg (75421 Byte)
R2Ds made by Steve
"Bricking Bavaria", München: I had an invitation to an exhibition of LEGO buildings of adult LEGO fans near Munich, Germany. As Munich is only 450 km from Vienna and as we all like this town Sissy and Michael attended this exhibition.
eibot4.jpg (112164 Byte)
my EasterEggPlotter
stapir30.jpg (99682 Byte)
a castle
stapir29.jpg (114521 Byte)
pirates nest
straschi15.jpg (99143 Byte)
a train
straschi03.jpg (141453 Byte)
some heavy haulage
Night of the Museum: Once a year there is a "Night of the Museum" here in Austria. There you can admit several museum with one ticket during the whole night until 01:00 in the morning. So Terry, Annabel and me did the Chocolate Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Marzipan Museum, the National Treasury and the Hofburg (where the emperor once lived).
At the National History Museum there was a guided tour on the roof. You had a marvelous look over Vienna at night!
lndm1.jpg (75123 Byte) lndm2.jpg (57193 Byte) lndm3.jpg (42088 Byte) lndm4.jpg (65205 Byte) lndm5.jpg (88469 Byte)
Perfume Collectors Fair: As Sissy is collecting miniature perfume bottles this fair is one of her highlights. These pictures shows some of her new perfume bottles ...
perfume1.jpg (60242 Byte) perfume2.jpg (61434 Byte) perfume3.jpg (60930 Byte) perfume4.jpg (61880 Byte) perfume5.jpg (65927 Byte)
Patchwork and Quilt Exhibition: A visit to an impressive exhibition!
quilt1.jpg (110160 Byte) quilt2.jpg (105370 Byte) quilt3.jpg (108477 Byte) quilt4.jpg (107280 Byte) quilt5.jpg (71047 Byte)
Grandpa's Birthday: Celebrating the 85th birthday of Opa!
opa7.jpg (71854 Byte) opa8.jpg (100077 Byte) opa9.jpg (297202 Byte) opa10.jpg (92459 Byte) opa3.jpg (72090 Byte)
opa6.jpg (66590 Byte) opa1.jpg (61100 Byte) opa4.jpg (69114 Byte) opa2.jpg (74463 Byte) opa5.jpg (69964 Byte)
Halloween: Every year this is one of Brandl's bank holidays, a must be! 
halloween6.jpg (61612 Byte)
alice and mad hatter
halloween4.jpg (54168 Byte)
the young ones
halloween5.jpg (57289 Byte)
the old ones
halloween3.jpg (82768 Byte)
chocolate and blood
halloween2.jpg (95313 Byte)
friendly witch
halloween1.jpg (80989 Byte) halloween7.jpg (83152 Byte) as usual Terry organized a riddle for the young and old ones ... halloween8.jpg (58980 Byte) halloween9.jpg (60284 Byte)

November 2004

The Robots Are Coming:  I have long waited for that exhibition. As proposed there should be the highlights of robotic creatures. But sadly that exhibition was one of the worst I have ever seen.
I was so angry about that I got half the money from our tickets back!
dieroboter1.jpg (49921 Byte)
big - yes, good - no
dieroboter5.jpg (47070 Byte)
on any children carnival you can see better costumes!
dieroboter2.jpg (41846 Byte)
the "original" terminator, plywood, plastics and paper
Donauzentrum LEGO: Once a year there is a LEGO exhibition at the Donauzentrum shopping mall here in Vienna
dz03.jpg (103160 Byte) dz17.jpg (89015 Byte) dz14.jpg (86483 Byte) dz28.jpg (102386 Byte) dz36.jpg (92687 Byte)
Bridget Jones: For the premiere of the second movie of Bridget Jones Terry and me won two tickets for the movie. As special guest there was Hugh Grant live in Vienna at the Vienna English Theatre ...
hugh01.jpg (19368 Byte) hugh02.jpg (29978 Byte) hugh03.jpg (35659 Byte) hugh04.jpg (40562 Byte) hugh05.jpg (35910 Byte)
Game  Festival Vienna: Every year there is a large game festival at the Uno City in Vienna
Three days time to try every board game for free.
spielefest01.jpg (16677 Byte)
Xmas hand crafts: Christmas is the time of the year when we do a lot of hand crafts. Here are some pictures of our work.
xmasbasteln01.jpg (75349 Byte) xmasbasteln02.jpg (84443 Byte) xmasbasteln03.jpg (100166 Byte) xmasbasteln04.jpg (86649 Byte) xmasbasteln05.jpg (78360 Byte)
Insects at the museum: At our National Science Museum in Vienna there was special exhibition about insects. As a special event there has been a breakfast for the visitors: fried locusts and maggots. Bon Appetit!
insects01.jpg (76987 Byte)
bon appetit!
insects06.jpg (87434 Byte)
the National ...
insects03.jpg (128503 Byte)
... Science Museum
insects04.jpg (75179 Byte)
Itsi Bitsi Spider
insects05.jpg (77693 Byte)
artificial, thanks god!
insects07.jpg (94923 Byte)
little Annabel
insects02.jpg (102430 Byte)
on the hunt
insects08.jpg (76345 Byte)
shoe size 240
insects09.jpg (102757 Byte)
insects10.jpg (81203 Byte)
flowers made with gems

December 2004

Happy Birthday Annabel: We celebrated the 15th birthday of Annabel at home and at my parents. 
Lots of presents und much to eat, as usual!
annabel01.jpg (86855 Byte)
annabel02.jpg (95139 Byte)
annabel03.jpg (110720 Byte)
birthday bunny
annabel04.jpg (72013 Byte)
greetings from 
Terry & Dino
annabel05.jpg (102061 Byte)
Winnie for cooking
annabel06.jpg (85770 Byte)
Naruto birthday cake
annabel07.jpg (72617 Byte)
nice decorated
annabel08.jpg (86883 Byte)
annabel09.jpg (88162 Byte)
Khalil, goddess of hands
annabel10.jpg (86109 Byte)
annabel11.jpg (58806 Byte)
Annabel, you know?
annabel12.jpg (83340 Byte)
after ...
annabel13.jpg (100018 Byte)
... a good ...
annabel14.jpg (81303 Byte)
... meal!
annabel15.jpg (92227 Byte)
lots of presents
Christmas Market Belvedere: In Vienna it is usual to visit at least one christmas market. This year for the first time there was a christmas market at Belvedere Palace ...
Christmas Market Schloß Schönbrunn: The Christmas market in front of Schönbrunn palace is one of the more sophisticated in Vienna. 
cmsb4.jpg (53318 Byte) cmsb1.jpg (51571 Byte) cmsb2.jpg (29618 Byte) cmsb5.jpg (56528 Byte) cmsb3.jpg (79382 Byte)
Christmas at Brandl Jun.: On the 24th of december we celebrate Christmas first at home, light the christmas tree and open our presents. Afterwards we usually visit my parents to celebrate Christmas again ...
On the 25th Sissy's Mother with her friend came for dinner ...
xmas2004-1.jpg (129073 Byte)
our Christmas tree
xmas2004-4.jpg (101501 Byte)
angels, or not?
xmas2004-3.jpg (124190 Byte)
xmas2004-5.jpg (95229 Byte)
Grandma & girls
xmas2004-2.jpg (106356 Byte)
250 cm tall
Christmas at Brandl Sen.: The second part of Christmas eve we usually stay at my parents. First we have dinner, fish and salad, and afterwards we are singing under the Christmas tree ...
xmas2004-0.jpg (111515 Byte)
their Christmas tree
xmas2004-8.jpg (83130 Byte)
three ages Brandl
xmas2004-6.jpg (76671 Byte)
Christmas decorations
xmas2004-7.jpg (64811 Byte)
my plate
xmas2004-9.jpg (81166 Byte)
Jingle bells, jingle bells ...

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pictures, words and computer time by mike
some additional pictures by Sissy & Terry
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