once upon a time
The Life Of The Brandls

2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007 - 2008 - 2009

December 2005

Silvester: As the years ago we were invited to Sarah and Christian. This year her brother with his girlfriend were together too.
silvester5.jpg (147873 Byte) silvester2.jpg (73239 Byte) silvester4.jpg (78569 Byte) silvester1.jpg (113839 Byte) silvester6.jpg (103008 Byte)

we wish you

silvester3.jpg (29969 Byte)

a Happy 
New Year!

Xmas: Celebrating christmas at home, at Grandma's, with relatives and friends ...
xmas02.jpg (134836 Byte)
our tree
xmas01.jpg (109013 Byte)
xmas03.jpg (114125 Byte) xmas04.jpg (90292 Byte) xmas05.jpg (101737 Byte)
xmas08.jpg (117345 Byte)
Grandma's tree
xmas06.jpg (86896 Byte) xmas07.jpg (76728 Byte) xmas09.jpg (88607 Byte) xmas12.jpg (138156 Byte)
xmas10.jpg (117566 Byte) xmas11.jpg (116679 Byte) xmas15.jpg (107669 Byte) xmas20.jpg (130762 Byte) xmas19.jpg (107117 Byte)
xmas16.jpg (124310 Byte) xmas17.jpg (109186 Byte) xmas14.jpg (120492 Byte) xmas18.jpg (104265 Byte)
Christkindlmarkt & Krippenausstellung Rathaus: A visit to the christmas market and small nativity scene exhibition in front of our town hall.
krippen1.jpg (74995 Byte) krippen2.jpg (76902 Byte) krippen3.jpg (90591 Byte) krippen4.jpg (88477 Byte) krippen5.jpg (77199 Byte)
krippen6.jpg (69010 Byte) krippen7.jpg (71613 Byte) krippen8.jpg (111993 Byte) krippen9.jpg (123595 Byte)
Weihnachtsbasteln: Some products made by "The Brandl Family" (reg.pend, tm, (c) & so on) 
basteln1.jpg (112349 Byte) basteln2.jpg (101397 Byte) basteln3.jpg (100340 Byte) basteln4.jpg (79059 Byte)
basteln5.jpg (119459 Byte) basteln6.jpg (72617 Byte) basteln7.jpg (70579 Byte) basteln8.jpg (44788 Byte)
Adventmarkt Schloß Hof: Another event at the summer palace of Prinz Eugene - a christmas market. 
Grandma and we made a visit there. 
adventhof2.jpg (83160 Byte) adventhof3.jpg (86146 Byte) adventhof4.jpg (166469 Byte) adventhof5.jpg (120033 Byte) adventhof1.jpg (72630 Byte)
Gospel Votivkirche: Short description: Outside the church - icecold, inside the church - freezing cold, music & performance - hot! 
gospel1.jpg (87651 Byte) gospel2.jpg (131133 Byte) gospel5.jpg (146901 Byte) gospel3.jpg (83140 Byte) gospel6.jpg (137342 Byte)
Annabel Birthday: Time passes soo fast ... 
annabelgeb2.jpg (86728 Byte) annabelgeb3.jpg (90957 Byte)
annabelgeb4.jpg (92494 Byte)

<-- at home ...

at grandma's --> 

annabelgeb7.jpg (74684 Byte) annabelgeb6.jpg (88580 Byte) annabelgeb1.jpg (104129 Byte) annabelgeb5.jpg (105788 Byte)

November 2005

Christmas Tree at the Donauzentrum: A christmas tree entirely made from LEGO blocks. Nine meters tall, 6300 kg heavy, a diameter of five meters and built from 250.000 LEGO Duplo bricks! Impressive, most impressive!
christbaum01.jpg (148631 Byte) christbaum11.jpg (102968 Byte) christbaum04.jpg (67072 Byte) christbaum09.jpg (72071 Byte) christbaum07.jpg (81620 Byte)
Turkey at Peter's: We were invited for a rostad turkey, yummy!
turkey2.jpg (62008 Byte) turkey1.jpg (64443 Byte)


Lord of the Turkey
turkey3.jpg (62670 Byte)
on your marks ...
set ...
turkey4.jpg (64368 Byte)
... and finished!
Game  Festival Vienna: Every year there is a large game festival at the Uno City in Vienna
Three days time to try every board game for free. For the first time I did one of my Robot Challenges for demonstration there. 
spielefest1.jpg (83405 Byte) spielefest4.jpg (112734 Byte)
Annabel and her friend as singstars!
spielefest3.jpg (59682 Byte)
playfield for the 
robo challenge
spielefest2.jpg (100492 Byte)
one of the bots

October 2005

Halloween: Every year this is one of Brandl's bank holidays, a must be! 
halloween3.jpg (74573 Byte)
a japanese revenge angel
halloween1.jpg (81610 Byte)
halloween8.jpg (79919 Byte)
just dead
halloween6.jpg (111847 Byte)
Evil Tigger!
halloween2.jpg (90691 Byte)
oh my god!
halloween4.jpg (93387 Byte)
sharing the prey
halloween5.jpg (93217 Byte)
nothing for vampires!
halloween7.jpg (46461 Byte)
"Bricking Bavaria", München: I had an invitation to an exhibition of LEGO buildings of adult LEGO fans near Munich, Germany. As Munich is only 450 km from Vienna and as we all like this town Sissy and Michael attended this exhibition. 
bb05burg101.jpg (117569 Byte) bb05mindstorms06.jpg (70844 Byte) bb05hogwarts03.jpg (112291 Byte) bb05skulptur07.jpg (76887 Byte) bb05fluss02.jpg (105380 Byte)
Portraits of Terry & Annabel: have a look ...
portrait2.jpg (100747 Byte) portrait5.jpg (103892 Byte) portrait1.jpg (89380 Byte) portrait3.jpg (98622 Byte) portrait4.jpg (102514 Byte)
Open Doors and Fleamarket at the Burgtheater: The Burgtheater, the theatre opposite the town hall, had one of those rare occasions where the doors are open to the public to stroll around and have a look
burgtheater2.jpg (91532 Byte)
the Burgtheater
burgtheater3.jpg (118461 Byte)
tent for the fleamarket
burgtheater4.jpg (120241 Byte)
entrance to auditorium
burgtheater1.jpg (119449 Byte)
burgtheater5.jpg (96596 Byte)
a look to the town hall opposite
The Anual Quilt Exhibition at the Kardinal König hall: A visit to an impressive exhibition!
quiltkk1.jpg (83494 Byte) quiltkk2.jpg (72320 Byte) quiltkk3.jpg (137281 Byte) quiltkk4.jpg (125978 Byte) quiltkk5.jpg (103777 Byte)
Kite Festival at Schloß Hof: This was the first kite festival at this place. It was nice to see all the kites beside the palace.
kite03.jpg (84258 Byte) kite11.jpg (53974 Byte) kite06.jpg (50277 Byte) kite09.jpg (19947 Byte) kite07.jpg (41180 Byte)
kite10.jpg (107660 Byte) kite02.jpg (92495 Byte) kite08.jpg (114038 Byte) kite04.jpg (112593 Byte) kite05.jpg (127910 Byte)
Night of the Museum: Once a year there is a "Night of the Museum" here in Austria. There you can admit several museum with one ticket during the whole night until 01:00 in the morning. So Terry, Annabel, Sissy and me did the Ernst Fuchs Villa, the National History Museum, a house of wax and the National Library
At the National History Museum there was a guided tour on the roof. You had a marvelous look over Vienna at night!
lndm06.jpg (130761 Byte) lndm07.jpg (74957 Byte)
Ernst Fuchs 
and his museum


lndm04.jpg (88195 Byte)

watch out, 
there's a lion out!

lndm05.jpg (105119 Byte) lndm03.jpg (126030 Byte)
at the National History Museum there is Vienna's 2nd latgest cemetary
lndm08.jpg (71334 Byte) lndm09.jpg (76249 Byte) lndm14.jpg (89426 Byte) from left to right
- National History Mus.
- Hofburg, Burgtor
- am Lugeck
- Vienna from the roof
lndm13.jpg (53263 Byte)
lndm11.jpg (122251 Byte) lndm01.jpg (141291 Byte)
the National Library
an  impressive building ...
lndm02.jpg (134529 Byte)
... with million books from the last centuries
lndm12.jpg (132507 Byte)
Grandma's Birthday: Celebrating the birthday of Omama!
omama1.jpg (383014 Byte) omama3.jpg (397050 Byte) omama2.jpg (373329 Byte)
Comix Trade Fair / Star Wars: As we know the organizer of the Comix Trade Fair in Vienna he asks if we can attend that trade fair dressed as Star Wars characters. Happy to meet each other again Star Wars fans from Germany, Switzerland and Austria arrived for a day here in Vienna
comix1.jpg (104010 Byte)
the whole bunch
comix2.jpg (80305 Byte)
Klaatuu (Terry)
comix3.jpg (88331 Byte) comix5.jpg (90768 Byte)
a superb custom made
R2D2 with rebel pilot 
comix4.jpg (91644 Byte)
self made cookies
Night of the Research: As similar nights before the topic of this night was research. Each facility, either school, university, planetarium or whatsoever, was opened until past midnight.
lndf2.jpg (50696 Byte)

our first stop was at the planetarium

lndf3.jpg (78777 Byte) lndf5.jpg (66182 Byte)
lndf6.jpg (87942 Byte) lndf1.jpg (89565 Byte) lndf7.jpg (73142 Byte)

at the technical
university we saw several robots

our last stop  was the "Kuffner Sternwarte", an observatory

lndf4.jpg (91618 Byte)
Oldtimer Rally: On our way to the planetarium during the "Night of the Research" we stopped at this rally. Nice old cars!
oldtimer1.jpg (123142 Byte) oldtimer3.jpg (112480 Byte) oldtimer4.jpg (112126 Byte) oldtimer5.jpg (112947 Byte) oldtimer6.jpg (118905 Byte)

September 2005

Hunt for the pumpkin: Every year we are searching for the finest examples of different pumpins, large and orange or small and brown, not to forget those thin green ones or those white ones, looking like an UFO ...
kuerbis1.jpg (433706 Byte) kuerbis2.jpg (423146 Byte) kuerbis3.jpg (402414 Byte) kuerbis4.jpg (372661 Byte) kuerbis5.jpg (380218 Byte)
Fruit Basket: My first price at a lottery, a fruit basket fresh from the market. To be collected at our town hall ...

our town councillor
hands over my price

obstkorb1.jpg (254337 Byte)

obstkorb2.jpg (391482 Byte)

a basket full of fresh fruit

Eggenburg Mittelalterfest (medieval times festival): During one weekend in September the whole town of Eggenburg changes into an old medieval times town. There are wooden "town walls" where you have to pay to enter the town. On the marketplace and on several other places are crowds of medieval dressed people, simulating the times of old.
This year Terry and Annabel were dressed correct!
eggenburg02.jpg (376177 Byte) eggenburg01.jpg (413531 Byte) eggenburg12.jpg (369054 Byte) eggenburg10.jpg (387492 Byte) eggenburg04.jpg (389443 Byte)
eggenburg06.jpg (368981 Byte) eggenburg11.jpg (386975 Byte) eggenburg09.jpg (380621 Byte)
eggenburg03.jpg (384472 Byte) eggenburg13.jpg (388350 Byte) eggenburg16.jpg (381547 Byte) eggenburg14.jpg (394614 Byte) eggenburg08.jpg (363408 Byte)
eggenburg07.jpg (403007 Byte) eggenburg05.jpg (389780 Byte) eggenburg15.jpg (372420 Byte)
Schoenbrunn Zoo: Sissy had a day off at Schönbrunn zoo ... 
zoo1.jpg (389923 Byte) zoo2.jpg (397183 Byte) zoo8.jpg (370179 Byte) zoo6.jpg (412273 Byte) zoo7.jpg (409605 Byte)
zoo4.jpg (388861 Byte) zoo5.jpg (427709 Byte) zoo0.jpg (404702 Byte) zoo9.jpg (389633 Byte) zoo3.jpg (392307 Byte)
Harry Potter Event: Once a year Terry celebrates a festival for Annabel's birthday. 
This years motto once again was Harry Potter! So Annabel and her friends experienced a whole school day at Hogwarts, teachers, lessons and exams included!
harrypotter8.jpg (415635 Byte) harrypotter5.jpg (385179 Byte)


harrypotter3.jpg (455546 Byte)harrypotter4.jpg (455718 Byte)
a friend - our dragon
harrypotter6.jpg (389862 Byte)

a Sphinx from a riddle

harrypotter7.jpg (301591 Byte)
harrypotter1.jpg (400449 Byte)harrypotter2.jpg (411776 Byte)
AniNight: A three days convention for cosplay people united in the interest of Manga drawings. 
Annabel and her friends have been there ...
aninight1.jpg (77373 Byte) aninight2.jpg (80750 Byte) aninight3.jpg (89912 Byte) aninight4.jpg (87264 Byte) aninight5.jpg (89346 Byte)

August 2005

Burgruine Landsee: After our visit to Burg Forchtenstein we discovered the remains of Burg Landsee. This was also former property of the Esterhazy's but was destroyed centuries ago. Nowadays an association tries to rebuild parts of the castle.
landsee2.jpg (159505 Byte) landsee3.jpg (123340 Byte) landsee4.jpg (176980 Byte) landsee5.jpg (148315 Byte) landsee1.jpg (137299 Byte)
landsee6.jpg (104402 Byte) landsee7.jpg (71833 Byte) landsee8.jpg (123094 Byte) landsee9.jpg (96191 Byte) landsee0.jpg (153111 Byte)
Burg Forchtenstein: This castle was part of a round trip in Burgenland. First we visited Burg Forchtenstein where the family of Esterhazy had a large treasure chamber. There we had a guided tour through the castle. 
forchtenstein0.jpg (93126 Byte)
the castle from the street
forchtenstein1.jpg (123031 Byte)
... and from inside
forchtenstein2.jpg (157177 Byte)
coat of arms
forchtenstein3.jpg (112317 Byte)
way down!
forchtenstein4.jpg (70390 Byte)
forchtenstein5.jpg (107879 Byte)
Insignia of Esterhazy
forchtenstein6.jpg (95903 Byte)
now that's a family tree!
forchtenstein7.jpg (82404 Byte)
treasure chamber
forchtenstein8.jpg (107802 Byte)
forchtenstein9.jpg (123122 Byte)
ready for a small army
Steam Traction Engine Rally: Once a year all those steam engine people here in Austria gather themself somewhere on a field to celebrate tha anual Steam Traction Engine Rally. Full steam ahead!
dampfwind08.jpg (176053 Byte) dampfwind16.jpg (144305 Byte) dampfwind14.jpg (139871 Byte) dampfwind15.jpg (119111 Byte) dampfwind11.jpg (167626 Byte)
dampfwind01.jpg (95849 Byte) dampfwind09.jpg (133031 Byte) dampfwind03.jpg (111265 Byte) dampfwind04.jpg (141279 Byte) dampfwind10.jpg (110117 Byte)
dampfwind12.jpg (143814 Byte) dampfwind07.jpg (176688 Byte) dampfwind02.jpg (146702 Byte) dampfwind13.jpg (101550 Byte) dampfwind05.jpg (118960 Byte)
dampfwind17.jpg (145352 Byte) dampfwind06.jpg (124336 Byte) dampfwind18.jpg (157649 Byte)
Schloß Hof: This has been the palace where Prinz Eugen von Savoyen stayed during summer. After years of wildness they decided to restore that building to its origin beauty. The buildings were fixed, furniture repaired and the gardens recreated. 
This now is the venue for future events ...
schlosshof01.jpg (69310 Byte) schlosshof02.jpg (104583 Byte) schlosshof03.jpg (85551 Byte) schlosshof06.jpg (63207 Byte) schlosshof07.jpg (119431 Byte)
schlosshof04.jpg (58750 Byte) schlosshof05.jpg (73280 Byte) schlosshof10.jpg (87823 Byte) schlosshof19.jpg (27197 Byte) schlosshof25.jpg (76821 Byte)
schlosshof08.jpg (110909 Byte) schlosshof09.jpg (92269 Byte) schlosshof11.jpg (112884 Byte) schlosshof12.jpg (91273 Byte) schlosshof13.jpg (77591 Byte)
schlosshof14.jpg (75228 Byte) schlosshof15.jpg (78289 Byte) schlosshof16.jpg (55704 Byte) schlosshof17.jpg (65793 Byte) schlosshof18.jpg (111414 Byte)
schlosshof24.jpg (89768 Byte) schlosshof21.jpg (91882 Byte) schlosshof22.jpg (99931 Byte) schlosshof23.jpg (164772 Byte) schlosshof20.jpg (110068 Byte)
Sea Roses at our garden: A very good season this year! 
searoses2.jpg (85090 Byte) searoses1.jpg (92218 Byte) searoses4.jpg (63770 Byte) searoses5.jpg (66764 Byte) searoses3.jpg (82673 Byte)
Dino's Birthday: Celebrating old friends ...
dino1.jpg (95199 Byte) dino2.jpg (87771 Byte) dino3.jpg (84243 Byte)

July 2005

Animexx: Annabel and her friends preparations for the oncoming cosplay event, the Aninight ...
animexx2.jpg (104532 Byte) animexx1.jpg (107287 Byte) animexx3.jpg (141060 Byte)
Legoland Guenzburg: On the way home from Disneyland Paris we made a one day stop at Legoland Guenzburg near Munich..
legoland1.jpg (60083 Byte)
one of our rooms during our stay
legoland6.jpg (134812 Byte)
birds view of 
legoland7.jpg (189708 Byte) legoland3.jpg (113639 Byte)
some very  ...
legoland4.jpg (140734 Byte)
... nice castles
legoland9.jpg (127487 Byte) legoland0.jpg (120521 Byte) legoland2.jpg (88117 Byte) legoland8.jpg (138610 Byte) legoland5.jpg (95479 Byte)
Disneyland Paris: This was our fourteenth, fifteenth or whatever visit to Disneyland. It  is our all time high location in Europe.
So we stayed for seven days in Paris ...
disneyland0504.jpg (75427 Byte)
gas ballon for soghtseeing
disneyland0505.jpg (73609 Byte)
a lighthouse at the Newport Bay Hotel
disneyland0509.jpg (64282 Byte)
Phantom Manor
Teresa's best
disneyland0507.jpg (138204 Byte)
Steamboat Willy
on parade
disneyland0508.jpg (159264 Byte)
on parade
disneyland0501.jpg (104652 Byte)
do you have 
something to eat?
disneyland0503.jpg (80050 Byte)
our friend from 
under the castle
disneyland0502.jpg (143647 Byte) disneyland0510.jpg (102254 Byte)
Minnie on tour
disneyland0506.jpg (93982 Byte)
Annabel Regina Stitch

June 2005

Annabel's active days at school: Dozens of weird girls together for one week. Aaaaarrgghhhhh!
annabelaktiv6.jpg (112917 Byte) annabelaktiv2.jpg (47754 Byte) annabelaktiv1.jpg (101119 Byte)
annabelaktiv3.jpg (55388 Byte) annabelaktiv4.jpg (66617 Byte) annabelaktiv5.jpg (51510 Byte)
Quilts and Patchwork Exhibition Klosterneuburg: The task was to show sunflowers on all these quilts ...
quiltknb01.jpg (120322 Byte) quiltknb02.jpg (99077 Byte) quiltknb03.jpg (99560 Byte) quiltknb04.jpg (127064 Byte) quiltknb05.jpg (143624 Byte)
Night of the churches: For the first time there was the "Lange Nacht der Kirchen" (long night of the churches) in Vienna. There have been 1200 events in nearly all of the churches in Vienna. We visited ten churches during the night, the last one after midnight.
lndk0501.jpg (86532 Byte)
Church St. Anton von Padua
where we made a trip
up to the dome
lndk0506.jpg (75863 Byte)
not much between us and the abyss
lndk0504.jpg (80585 Byte) lndk0505.jpg (94535 Byte) lndk0502.jpg (87894 Byte)
a view from the top
into the church
lndk0503.jpg (89037 Byte)
my companions
up the dome
lndkkircheamhof1.jpg (135653 Byte)
Kirche am Hof
lndkkircheamhof2.jpg (123324 Byte)
Kirche am Hof
Kirche am Hof
where craftsmen showed some techniques of restoration a church
lndk0507.jpg (78139 Byte)
lndkfranziskanergruft.jpg (20215 Byte)
where we visited the crypt of the monks
lndk0509.jpg (130200 Byte)
inside ...
lndk0508.jpg (89126 Byte)
... the church
lndk0510.jpg (127242 Byte)
Padre St. Anton von Padua
Konzert für Europa, Schloß Schönbrunn: For the second time there was a classic open air concert in front of 
Schönbrunn Castle. The "Wiener Philharmoniker" with conductor Zubin Metha played a variety of songs:

1. Wiener Blut / Johann Strauß
2. Ouvertüre 1812/ P. I. Tschaikovsky
3. Nimrod aus Enigma Variation / Elgar
4. Carmen Vorspiele / Bizet

5. Klavierkonzert Nr. 1 / P. I. Tschaikovsky
6. Semper Fidelis / J. P. Sousa
7. Stars & Stripes Forever/ J. P. Sousa
8. Zugaben
kfe20051.jpg (74733 Byte)
it was FREEZING cold!
kfe20052.jpg (34709 Byte)
a view from the Gloriette
kfe20053.jpg (34727 Byte)
100.000 visitors!
kfe20054.jpg (33922 Byte)
a view from the castle
kfe20055.jpg (18076 Byte)
Lang Lang and
Zubin Metha

May 2005

Mothers Day with Sissy and Oma ...
muttertag2.jpg (120946 Byte) muttertag3.jpg (78487 Byte) muttertag5.jpg (82317 Byte) muttertag4.jpg (62827 Byte) muttertag1.jpg (83623 Byte)
Kahlenberg near Vienna: A view from Kahlenberg over the city of Vienna
kahlbg01.jpg (126857 Byte)
the building site of the new hotel
kahlbg02.jpg (67830 Byte)kahlbg03.jpg (64107 Byte)kahlbg04.jpg (66460 Byte)kahlbg05.jpg (68125 Byte)
the Uno-city, the Danube, some districts of Vienna 
Böhmischer Prater Mittelalterfest (medieval times festival): The first medieval festival this year started at the Böhmischen Prater, an amusement park in Vienna
mittelboehm01.jpg (118750 Byte) mittelboehm03.jpg (94010 Byte) mittelboehm04.jpg (97906 Byte) mittelboehm10.jpg (100998 Byte) mittelboehm09.jpg (115568 Byte)
mittelboehm06.jpg (153811 Byte) mittelboehm07.jpg (97467 Byte) mittelboehm08.jpg (124111 Byte) mittelboehm05.jpg (133770 Byte) mittelboehm02.jpg (110747 Byte)
Annabel's Firmung: After half a year of confirmation lessons Annabel got the sacrament of confirmation ...
annabelfirmung1.jpg (69810 Byte)
Pfarre Akkonplatz
annabelfirmung2.jpg (68508 Byte)
Annabel and her sponsor
annabelfirmung3.jpg (69100 Byte)
Pfarrer Hans
annabelfirmung4.jpg (71283 Byte)
Hans, Annabel and Terry
annabelfirmung5.jpg (84644 Byte)
Terry, Annabel 
and Dr. Landau
(Leader of Caritas)
annabelfirmung6.jpg (81189 Byte)
meal at Karin and Barbara
annabelfirmung7.jpg (74445 Byte)
made of Teresa
annabelfirmung9.jpg (87375 Byte)
Annabel and Terrys gift:
a poison ring
annabelfirmung8.jpg (99130 Byte)
half of the people
annabelfirmung0.jpg (75957 Byte)
and here - especially for Brigitte:
an applecake with honeydrops
annabelfirmunga.jpg (112576 Byte)
and after all ...
annabelfirmungb.jpg (102253 Byte)
... a visit at the Prater
annabelfirmungc.jpg (121621 Byte)
floating at the Donaujump
annabelfirmunge.jpg (108655 Byte)
my precious!
annabelfirmungd.jpg (107640 Byte)
and another turn at the roller coaster ...
Terry's sporting holidays at school: Terry was one week near the Kloppeiner See for some sporting activities. From possible sports like biking, surfing or golfing she deceided to take climbing lessons ...
terryclimb4.jpg (97273 Byte)
recreation at the pool
terryclimb1.jpg (151223 Byte)
up ...
terryclimb2.jpg (163278 Byte)
... up ...
terryclimb3.jpg (161011 Byte)
... and away!
terryclimb5.jpg (79490 Byte)
the others
Dolls and Toy Museum Baden: A small but well equipped private owned museum. Many dools, dollshouses, bears and other toys on two floors inside a small house near the casino.
puppenbaden01.jpg (112094 Byte) puppenbaden03.jpg (99749 Byte) puppenbaden02.jpg (83235 Byte) puppenbaden04.jpg (91777 Byte) puppenbaden05.jpg (104087 Byte)
puppenbaden06.jpg (86353 Byte) puppenbaden07.jpg (73992 Byte) puppenbaden08.jpg (70847 Byte) puppenbaden10.jpg (79006 Byte) puppenbaden14.jpg (117604 Byte)
puppenbaden11.jpg (94117 Byte) puppenbaden12.jpg (95097 Byte) puppenbaden13.jpg (96438 Byte) puppenbaden09.jpg (82367 Byte) puppenbaden15.jpg (97581 Byte)
A trip to Baden near Vienna, Casinopark: In the beautiful city of Baden near Vienna is the large Casinopark, named after a nearby casino where you can play at theRoulette-, Black Jack- or Baccaratable.
baden1.jpg (122217 Byte)
now is that a huge ball?
baden2.jpg (83240 Byte)
the Casino Baden
baden3.jpg (135922 Byte)
side entrance
baden4.jpg (154128 Byte)
Lanner and Strauß
baden5.jpg (131042 Byte)
upstairs ...
baden6.jpg (152409 Byte)
a temple
baden7.jpg (151957 Byte)
entrance to a cave
baden8.jpg (123182 Byte)
a view to the old town
baden9.jpg (119647 Byte)
Beethoven Temple
baden0.jpg (122136 Byte)
Russian "Damenkapelle"
Sissy & Michael 25th wedding aniversary: Some impressions ...
25th3.jpg (106718 Byte) 25th4.jpg (91518 Byte) 25th1.jpg (89800 Byte) 25th2.jpg (105259 Byte) 25th5.jpg (93600 Byte)
A tour to Lower Austria: A visit to a large fleamarket at Aspern and Großenzersdorf ...
aspern01.jpg (121603 Byte)
some fleas
aspern02.jpg (111121 Byte)
other fleas ...
aspern03.jpg (100779 Byte) aspern04.jpg (112715 Byte)
"Freiheitsplatz" at Aspern

April 2005

Türkenschantzpark: A visit to a large park at the discrict where my parents live ...
tspark02.jpg (172460 Byte)
the "Paulinenwarte"
a lookout tower
tspark03.jpg (152743 Byte)
erected from our last emperor, 
sadly closed  theses days
tspark01.jpg (194214 Byte)


tspark04.jpg (172579 Byte)


tspark05.jpg (154921 Byte)
To Be or
Not To Be
- that is the question
Gradma's Garden: A glance at grandma's garden ...
omagarten12.jpg (150606 Byte) omagarten01.jpg (141172 Byte) omagarten07.jpg (167205 Byte) omagarten04.jpg (149795 Byte) omagarten08.jpg (135697 Byte)
omagarten11.jpg (109075 Byte) omagarten02.jpg (147921 Byte) omagarten03.jpg (110207 Byte) omagarten05.jpg (149085 Byte) omagarten14.jpg (136673 Byte)
omagarten10.jpg (140103 Byte) omagarten06.jpg (133957 Byte) omagarten13.jpg (117635 Byte) omagarten09.jpg (135219 Byte) omagarten15.jpg (125634 Byte)
Happy Birthday Irmi: We had an invitation for Irmi's 85th birthday dinner. She had some visitors from Hungary, but unfortunately they got lost with their car on the way to the restaurant. So dinner startet one hour late ...
irmi02.jpg (97683 Byte)
waiting for Irmi ...
irmi03.jpg (112002 Byte)
Irmi & Sister
irmi04.jpg (99615 Byte)
this Schnitzel especially for Gitti
irmi06.jpg (105582 Byte)
ralatives from Hungary
irmi01.jpg (90993 Byte)
before the meal ...
irmi05.jpg (103389 Byte)
after the meal ...
irmi07.jpg (82642 Byte)
little & big birthday cake
irmi09.jpg (104434 Byte)
Irmi & grandpa
irmi08.jpg (112211 Byte)
flowers by Oma

March 2005

Orchid exhibition: Sissy, her mother in law and me went to an orchid exhibition at the Reservegärten Hirschstetten.
Here are some pictures of those wonderful flowers ...
orchhirsch01.jpg (96895 Byte) orchhirsch02.jpg (75804 Byte) orchhirsch03.jpg (93644 Byte) orchhirsch04.jpg (105001 Byte) orchhirsch05.jpg (69397 Byte)
orchhirsch06.jpg (100228 Byte) orchhirsch07.jpg (68216 Byte) orchhirsch08.jpg (81691 Byte) orchhirsch09.jpg (76474 Byte) orchhirsch10.jpg (89028 Byte)
Happy Birthday : Birthday party at my parents for Sissy, Teresa and Michael. No details are given to the public but all in all there were 116 candles burning!
met052.jpg (78038 Byte)
20 candles!
met051.jpg (86534 Byte)
waiting ...
met053.jpg (84272 Byte)
met054.jpg (83513 Byte)
good as always
met055.jpg (68221 Byte)
Happy Birthday!
Spring 2005 at our garden: The snow is gone, the flowers are coming ... 
spring052.jpg (422580 Byte) spring053.jpg (432757 Byte) spring054.jpg (380702 Byte) spring055.jpg (415457 Byte) spring051.jpg (399107 Byte)
Orchids at home: Here are some of Sissy's plants ...
orchathome01.jpg (71180 Byte) orchathome02.jpg (71770 Byte) orchathome03.jpg (57784 Byte) orchathome04.jpg (65268 Byte) orchathome05.jpg (79333 Byte)
Easter: After the egg-hunt at our garden we had dinner at my parents ...
easter054.jpg (88290 Byte) easter052.jpg (83992 Byte) easter051.jpg (123037 Byte) easter053.jpg (76299 Byte) easter055.jpg (101312 Byte)

February 2005

Orchid exhibition: Sissy and her mother in law went to an orchid exhibition at the Palmenhaus Burggarten.
Here are some pictures of those wonderful flowers ...
orchid01.jpg (72838 Byte) orchid02.jpg (105726 Byte) orchid03.jpg (155181 Byte) orchid04.jpg (97872 Byte) orchid05.jpg (76100 Byte)
orchid06.jpg (106484 Byte) orchid07.jpg (107738 Byte) orchid08.jpg (70811 Byte) orchid09.jpg (58488 Byte) orchid10.jpg (42824 Byte)
the palm tree house at the Burggarten
A visit of Anni & Walter at my parents: Anni and Walter, relatives to my father, visited him for dinner and afternoon tea ...
anniwalter01.jpg (84113 Byte)
Anni, Walter, grandpa
anniwalter02.jpg (86281 Byte)
grandma and Anni
anniwalter03.jpg (88244 Byte)
Walter and grandpa
anniwalter04.jpg (87918 Byte)
enough to eat
anniwalter05.jpg (49348 Byte)
one of the private collection of grandma
Textil Müller: Last saturday we made a trip to the country heading Kritzendorf near Klosterneuburg.
There is a large store for sewing and DIY supply, Textil Müller. An El Dorado for everyone ...
modenmueller06.jpg (98099 Byte) modenmueller07.jpg (121688 Byte) upstairs is the regular shop ... modenmueller03.jpg (95934 Byte) modenmueller05.jpg (160308 Byte)
modenmueller01.jpg (112235 Byte) and downstairs ... modenmueller02.jpg (95114 Byte) ... the fleamarket modenmueller04.jpg (130535 Byte)
SNOW!: For the second time this winter we really had SNOW!
The first one we had aprox. 50 cm, this time some 30 cm snow. So Good Bye car, and Hello boots!
schnee01.jpg (60911 Byte)
the streets ...
schnee02.jpg (61765 Byte)
.. where ...
schnee04.jpg (78334 Byte)
... we all ...
schnee05.jpg (60990 Byte)
... live
schnee03.jpg (61345 Byte) schnee07.jpg (69089 Byte) schnee06.jpg (70071 Byte) schnee09.jpg (50241 Byte)
Valentine's Day: Day of flowers? No! Day of the giant candy!
Terry presented her little sister a small candy, or did she?
valentine01.jpg (45422 Byte) valentine02.jpg (34665 Byte) valentine03.jpg (81016 Byte) valentine04.jpg (58588 Byte) valentine05.jpg (96171 Byte)
Townhall Währing : At around 1900 Währing was a small village of it's own. At this time they built that town hall. 
A few years later Währing altered from a small village to a discrict of Vienna
This saturday there was one of the very rare occasions where the public was allowed to climb up the tower of the town hall. 
And so we did ...
waehring15.jpg (82429 Byte)
the town hall ...
waehring16.jpg (81797 Byte)
... of Währing
waehring17.jpg (92307 Byte)
the festival room
waehring18.jpg (59739 Byte)
rich decorated ...
waehring19.jpg (45216 Byte)
... pillars
waehring20.jpg (78466 Byte)
up a staircase to the roof
waehring21.jpg (71909 Byte)
up a spiral staircase ...
waehring22.jpg (58911 Byte)
... to the clock room
waehring23.jpg (59029 Byte)
and up a spiral again ...
waehring24.jpg (61300 Byte)
... to the top room
waehring01.jpg (86999 Byte)waehring25.jpg (100848 Byte)waehring02.jpg (83904 Byte)
a marvelous sight ...
waehring03.jpg (89069 Byte)waehring04.jpg (88302 Byte)waehring05.jpg (78901 Byte)
... in every direction
waehring06.jpg (79966 Byte)waehring07.jpg (87483 Byte)waehring08.jpg (79584 Byte)
this tower is the ...
waehring09.jpg (75224 Byte)waehring10.jpg (88794 Byte)waehring11.jpg (86736 Byte)
... highest point of Währing
waehring13.jpg (135348 Byte) waehring12.jpg (100294 Byte) waehring14.jpg (73291 Byte)
Happy Birthday Mike: Here are some variations for your birthday cake ...
torte1.jpg (94596 Byte)
torte3.jpg (95343 Byte)
torte2.jpg (91468 Byte)
torte4.jpg (220282 Byte)
Harry Potter event
torte5.jpg (204026 Byte)
Annabel birthday
torte6.jpg (85237 Byte)
Opa birthday
torte7.jpg (213686 Byte)
Mike birthday
torte8.jpg (95823 Byte)
Annabel birthday
torte9.jpg (88590 Byte)
Annabel birthday

January 2005

Stephansdom: On a sunny saturday we climbed up, and up, and up the stairs of St. Stephan in Vienna. The right tower by foot (343 steps). the left tower with the Pummerin bell by elevator ...
stephan02.jpg (102389 Byte)
St. Stephan
stephan06.jpg (105328 Byte)
stephan05.jpg (107422 Byte)
there we go ...
stephan04.jpg (38606 Byte)
343 steps up
stephan03.jpg (92660 Byte)
stephan09.jpg (80624 Byte)
skyline of Vienna
stephan07.jpg (80746 Byte)
skyline of Vienna
stephan08.jpg (129489 Byte)
nice roof ...
stephan10.jpg (108227 Byte)
... full of tiles
stephan01.jpg (89820 Byte)
a typical city house
Anker Stone Block Building: With a friend we built some stone block buildings out of Anker stone blocks. Other than modern toys these stone blocks are neither glued together nor do they have other interlocking devices ...
anker01.jpg (133256 Byte) anker02.jpg (88062 Byte)
only gravity ...
anker03.jpg (91376 Byte)
... no glue
anker04.jpg (81065 Byte)
thousands ...
anker05.jpg (79863 Byte)
... of small blocks

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